For more of my Videos and Shorts Check this and this out.
Just Wait for it :) I filmed this in my back yard
This installation took longer to put up than you would think and because of unsuspecting crazy dive bombing birds it didnt last as long as you would think either :) at least i got the photos and video footage...
This is me trying to keep the air in the weather baloons, the idea was that the baloons would last till night time when they would light up....but the birds had other ideas.

Powerscourt, Co.Wicklow

This is some research footage for a new documentary Im working on. The concept is an investigation in to the possibilities of Wind and Hydro Power in Ireland.

The Botanic Gardens 4th Sept- 19th Oct

Iv just installed in the Botanic Gardens; It was touch and go trying to get the heavy cast-iron sculpture down from its birth place in Monaghan, but my hero John Hennessy managed to get it down to Dublin in time on the back of a trailer. And as for the best technician and Dad ever; Danny Jones helped with instillation!
Big Thank you to both of them!!

The Tuam Arts Festival Aug 9th-24th

Artists: Lucy Jones, Sharon O'Grady, Jacinta Fahy, Jim Ricks, Aoife Cassidy, Linda Monks, Martin Rotchford and Dave Cullen……. Tuam Shopping Centre Sat9th Aug- Sat 24th Aug 08'

Melt (08)

Mixed Media: 7ft Weather balloon, Video projection,
Photography: 3 Prints 381mm x 305mm

Melt attempts to explore how human development can often be the cause of human detriment.

In Medieval times it was said that tomatoes were deadly poisonous. During this time pewter was easily sourced and as it resembled silver, those with money had plates made from it.
Food with high acid content such as tomatoes can cause lead from pewter to leach onto the food, thus causing lead poisoning and death.
In recent years meteorologists have used weather balloons to observe changes in the global environment.Chloroprene is a type of synthetic rubber often used in weather balloons. It is strongly advised not to let the chemical into the open environment.

Images from my performance on the 25th of June at Live@8 Galway

Live@8 is a free monthly live art and video event, that takes place on the last Wednesday of every month in Bar no.8.

This performance was called
Perpetual Yawning. It is an Interactive Media Endurance piece that want on for 1hr.

I sat in front of a camera facing me, it was mounted on top of a large television.

When I Yawned into the camera there was a six second delay (six seconds is the assumed length of a yawn) so when I had finished yawning the image of me on the TV screen started to yawn and in turn made me yawn again. This action was repeated as long as I could continue.

I was seated beside a projection screen that was showing videos and art pieces from other artists such as Vukasin Nedeljkovic, Gearoid Dolan Katharine Lamb, Jim Ricks, Niamh Murphy Amanda Coogan, Phillina Sun and Lisa-marie Johnson. They were on going during my performance and at one stage it occurred to me that it seemed like I was yawning at all of their work. This made me laugh and people told me afterward that it was a cheeky piece but they really liked it.

To my delight many people in the audience began to yawn during the performance, this was one of my aims and by the end of it there was a very sleepy atmosphere in the room.

Some superstitions about Yawning:

The Maya and the ancient Greeks believed that yawning was not a sign of boredom, but that a persons soul was trying to escape from its body, so that it may rest with the gods in the skies.

Counting a persons teeth while they are yawning robs them of one year of life for every tooth counted.

A Yawn may be a sign that one is afflicted by the evil eye.

If two persons are seen to yawn one after the other, it is said that they bear no malice towards each other.

This piece will be exhibited in the Dublin Botanical Gardens,
Sculpture in Context Exhibition
Sept 4th to Oct 17th 08'

Latest Work from my Artist residency:

The chariot is made from an old dolls perambulator that was owned by one of the children from an old Country Manor and parts of old machinery that were discarded on the land around the house.
These discarded objects were beautifully crafted and once the pride of their owners.
The dolls pram
was an elegant machine that came from inside the Manor House, it is an object of leisure, play and imagination and one that encouraged dreams and aspirations. It is a hint of the high social structure of inside house, the idea of an easier life, a life were you can afford to have large dreams and aspirations.

The Old farm machinery was not so elegant, cumbersome and heavy, it remembers the laborious side to the Manor, never seeing the inside of the house. These machines where an important part of the running of the manor, they ploughed the fields and worked the land. This is a hint of the Frugal side of the manor, where the dreams and aspirations would have only been for the time to have leisure and play.

The pram was the chariot of the child's dreams and the Plough was the chariot of the farmers lively hood.

Images from my residency in Clones.

Artist statment:

Imagine a world of Adventure with every second sparking new interest. The carefree adventure that connects us to our inner senses.

I want to hold on to the moment of adventure forever, to make the experience constantly alive, to give it impact and permanency.

I like the idea of the constant motion of perception, this is a big reason why my adventure machines are knetic and also because I like the idea of audience interaction.

My work is about having the courage to step in to the unknown, I make Kinetic objects out of old machinery and bicycles, these objects are my adventure machines.

I have many an adventure on my machines and I incorporate them into Performances and instillations.

During the making prosess of my machines I invesrigate the beauty of the welding spark. The power it posses to cause fusion between two hard metals. This prosess embodies the idea of the melting of the worlds between everyday life and Adventure. Opening up a universe of oppertuinity and fun.

The making prosess

Situation, Meditation.

"Repartition eventually gives distance; it gives time, to relax, to heighten your awareness, hypnotic, turbulent, yet soothing, giving situation, meditation."

"Lucy is interested in bringing Art to the people and tries to break down the idea of traditional exhibition spaces and diluting the notion of an exclusive art venue. Her first solo exhibition went off with a "spark" at The EYE Cinema Galway on Thurs 26th July 07. This was the ideal place for Lucy to display this collection of work as it is expressed through a vain rooted in the history of cinematography.

The work included her fantastical kinetic objects that she refers to as her Adventure Machines which were accompanied by her silent movie and videos of her sparkling performances."

"Looking at the notion of the adventure that is, the constant motion of perception.

I explore the idea of the secular motion of nature and how we perceive our lives as a cycle"

-Visual Artist, Lucy Jones